Design and 3D print scale model railroad parts that are detailed and accurate for the chosen prototype so others can be successful in their modeling.


  • If there is a particular model you’d like designed for retail sale you can pay for the design and retain ownership of the 3D CAD files. Any parts designed can also be printed on my resin printer. Any sales of the designed part would be exclusively yours.
  • Suggest parts to be designed and printed on my resin printer. I would retain ownership of any 3D CAD files and offer printed parts for sale to others.
  • Make purchases of already designed parts either printed by Shapeways and purchased from¬†my shop, or printed on my resin printer on demand.

Please contact me to inquire about any of these services.


Saturn LCD problem solved
SATURN LCD PROBLEM SOLVED How I solved the Saturn LCD problem. The exposure test was failing. I received two new LCD screens for the Saturn from Elegoo support. The LCD was still not...
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Saturn LCD problems continue
After installing a replacement LCD screen twice the Saturn LCD problems continue. Installing and testing the replacement LCD I waited six weeks to receive the replacement LCD screen...
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Shapeways Shop Problem Solved
Shapeways solved the problem I was having with shop. I couldn’t offer the Atlas S2 cab for sale after adding a link to this site. After reporting the problem to Shapeways last...
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Shapeways Shop problems
I had some Shapeways shop problems after I modified the items for my cab kits. Shapeways allows you to sell 3D printed items you’ve designed in your shop. Shapeways will handle...
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How to assemble five piece cab kits
Cleaned cab parts The parts need to be cleaned and primed to remove any support material and fill in striations on the surfaces of parts that should be smooth. Follow the instructions...
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Printer Problems Take 3
Yesterday I received another email from Elegoo about the hotspots on the LCD screen. They sent some video instructions for cleaning the LCD surface. They said to follow the instructions,...
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