How to assemble five piece cab kits

Cleaned cab parts

The parts need to be cleaned and primed to remove any support material and fill in striations on the surfaces of parts that should be smooth. Follow the instructions in the Cleaning and Priming Shapeways Printed Parts blog post. This picture shows the cleaned cab parts. Note the rough surface that needs to be primed with a filling primer to make it smooth.

Priming cab parts with Mr. Primer Surfacer 1000

Prime the cleaned parts with Mr. Primer Surfacer 1000. I purchased a can at Hobby Lobby.

Attaching Side to Back
Attaching Side to Back

Attach sides to back with CA from the inside. Clamp together using Coffman right angle clamps. Note the strips of styrene used as a spacer between the clamp and the part.

Place Roof on Assembly
Attaching Roof

Attach the roof to the assembly with CA from the inside. Hold the roof tightly against the assembly to avoid gaps while applying CA.

Use Tape to Hold the Front to the Assembly
Tape the Other Side

Tape the front to the assembly to hold it tight while applying CA from the inside.

Cab Assembly Complete

The cab assembly is complete.

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