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DL-109 Winterization HATCHES

Prototype Hatches

The New Haven Railroad used these hatches on their DL-109 locomotives. They were installed in pairs on top of the roof over the fans for each engine. They were originally not installed on every locomotive when delivered but they were added after it was determined that the engines couldn’t be kept warm enough in cold New England winters. Please examine photos to determine when the hatches were installed on the unit you are modeling.

Model Hatches

This was the first 3D design I ever completed. To make my first design easier I based the hatches on the Overland brass HO DL-109.  I took the  measurements from the Overland model.

Originally I designed the hatches as a solid part with no open grates. This required removal of the fans from the Proto 1000 model. Later I made an update to add open grating so the fans did not have to be removed from the model.

The Overland brass DL-109 shell used to design the hatches
Side view of the Overland brass DL-109 shell used to design the hatches

Later I designed an S scale version after receiving a request. I was told the plastic S scale DL-109 produced by American Hi Rail was derived from the HO plastic Proto 1000 model. With the S scale model being based on the HO model I could simply scale up the design from HO scale to S scale.

These hatches are available for purchase on Shapeways in my shop. They are available in HO and S scale in various quantities. This is the link to my shop where the hatches may be purchased.  Please follow the instructions in the Cleaning and priming Shapeways printed parts blog post.

I have designed the HO hatches for printing on a mSLA resin printer.

Additional resources for modeling New Haven DL-109 locomotives:

  •  The New Haven DL-109’s by Ben Perry  NHRHTA Shoreliner Vol. 8 No. 3, Summer 1977
  • New Haven Power by J. W. Swanberg, Alvin Staufer, 1988
  • The New Haven’s magnificent war babies by Dave Messer Railroad Model Craftsman, January 2006
  • New Haven Diesel Locomotives Volume 2 by Robert A. Liljestrand  & David R. Sweetland 


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