Pagnoni press flatcar load


NE Model Works has developed a Pagnoni Press 3D printed part for use as a flatcar load. The press is printed on an Elegoo Saturn mSLA resin printer.


Richard Townsend noticed I do 3D design and printing after I responded to a message on group about doing 3D printing a gondola. Richard replied

Mr. Redden,

I gather from your post about possibly 3D printing gondolas that you can do 3D design and printing. Assuming that’s true I am wondering if you might be interested in doing a flatcar load for me. I’ve attached a photo of the piece I’m interested in; it’s the part above the legs. Is this something you might be interested in helping me with?

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR

Model Press Design

After Richard and I exchanged emails we agreed on some design requirements

  •  Press dimensions 1.75″ X 1.4″
  • Remove the posts and the attachment fittings at the bottom
  • Model the press with a flat bottom
  • Add lettering to both long sides
  • Hollow the part to reduce resin usage
  • Add drain holes on the bottom

I designed the basic shape of the press first. Then I added lettering after finding a font close to the lettering in the prototype photo. Finally I added the cylinders and clamping bolt details to the top of the press.

I oriented the press so the curved top was angled at 45 degrees to eliminate stair-stepping and make the top as smooth as possible. Richard was very pleased with the press prints.

NE Model Works sells the Pagnoni Presses for $25 each. Shipping is $6 for USPS First Class. Please contact me with any questions or to order.

3D printed flatcar load
Front of Press
Top of Press
Bottom of Press


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