Saturn LCD problems continue

After installing a replacement LCD screen twice the Saturn LCD problems continue.

Installing and testing the replacement LCD

I waited six weeks to receive the replacement LCD screen from China. It finally arrived Monday. Since we travelled to TN to meet our new four month old grandson, I didn’t actually receive the screen until Tuesday night when we came home.

On Wednesday I could finally attempt to replace the motherboard  and the LCD so I could hopefully fix the printer problems.

After installing the new motherboard and LCD screen I had to flash new firmware because the LCD screen was a different model than the original. I verified the firmware was installed correctly by powering the printer on and selecting System>Info on the control panel. The installed version was correct for the new model of LCD I installed.

Next I tested the LCD screen by selecting Tool>Exposure Test on the control panel. This test turns on the UV LED array and exposes a rectangular border through the LCD screen. I could see the UV LED array turning on but the light was not exposed through the LCD screen.

Obtaining and testing a second replacement LCD

After the failure I checked the connections of the LCD to motherboard cable again. Finding no problems I ran the test again and took pictures of the results, the system info screen and both ends of the LCD cable. I composed an email to Elegoo support saying that I haven’t been able to print for six weeks. I attached the photos and asked what do we do now?

The next morning I received a reply that Elegoo would be sending me a new LCD screen form a US Amazon warehouse, and that I should be receiving it Monday December 5th.

The LCD screen arrived today, a couple of days early. I  installed the LCD screen and tested it by running the exposure test. The test failed the same as the last time. So tonight I sent another email to Elegoo support informing them of the problem and asking “What now?”

I don’t know how this is going to be resolved. It’s very frustrating to not be able to print at all because the Saturn LCD problems continue.

Saturn LCD problem solved

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