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Saturn LCD problem solved

SATURN LCD PROBLEM SOLVED How I solved the Saturn LCD problem. The exposure test was failing. I received two new LCD screens for the Saturn from Elegoo support. The LCD was still not working as reported in the Saturn LCD Problems Continue post. After I received the second LCD screen I was thinking the problem …

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Saturn LCD problems continue

After installing a replacement LCD screen twice the Saturn LCD problems continue. Installing and testing the replacement LCD I waited six weeks to receive the replacement LCD screen from China. It finally arrived Monday. Since we travelled to TN to meet our new four month old grandson, I didn’t actually receive the screen until Tuesday …

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Printer Problems Take 3

Yesterday I received another email from Elegoo about the hotspots on the LCD screen. They sent some video instructions for cleaning the LCD surface. They said to follow the instructions, run the exposure test, and send photos of the LCD screen. They said they will check the photos. The video they sent as instructions for …

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Printer Problems Take 2

I heard from Elegoo overnight because their time zone is 12 hours ahead of US EDT. I checked my email around 4 AM so I didn’t waste a full day due to time zone differences. I was asked to supply the original invoice when the printer was purchased, a photo of the serial number from …

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Printer Problems

Print Failure Last Friday I was attempting to print a pair of S1 narrow shutters, an S1 low profile cab, and an S2 low profile cab using my Elegoo Saturn resin printer. The pair of narrow shutters printed fine, but one of the cabs had some deep lines in the print parallel to the build …

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