Printer Problems Take 2

I heard from Elegoo overnight because their time zone is 12 hours ahead of US EDT. I checked my email around 4 AM so I didn’t waste a full day due to time zone differences.

I was asked to supply the original invoice when the printer was purchased, a photo of the serial number from the sticker on the bottom of the printer, a photo of the screen while running the exposure test, and my address and phone number for shipping. I sent all the requested info.

At 6 AM this morning I received another email asking for a photo of the system info screen, so they could send me a new motherboard loaded with the correct firmware for my printer. I was able to power up the printer and take a picture of the system info screen.

While taking a photo of the system info screen I noticed there were a couple of spots on the LCD screen above the UV LED array that glowed brighter than the rest of the screen. Now that the UV LED array is always on I could notice something like this.

I took a photo of this and sent the photo to Elegoo along with the photo of the system info screen. I asked if the hotspots on the LCD screen is a problem I need to be concerned about. I hope they get back to me about the hotspots.

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