Printer Problems Take 3

Yesterday I received another email from Elegoo about the hotspots on the LCD screen. They sent some video instructions for cleaning the LCD surface. They said to follow the instructions, run the exposure test, and send photos of the LCD screen. They said they will check the photos.

The video they sent as instructions for cleaning the LCD screen was really for cleaning resin off the LCD screen. I never spilled any resin on the screen, or had an FEP fail and leak. I did notice some cloudiness on the surface of the LCD so I cleaned the screen with some 95% IPA.

When I turned the printer on I was still seeing the hotspots. I took photos of the screen and sent them to Elegoo.

This morning I received another email from Elegoo saying that they will send me a replacement LCD screen. They said they would be sending me the tracking number.

I’m waiting to receive shipments of a new motherboard and a new LCD screen. I was told that shipments would take 8-18 working days to be received. No printing for a while.

I’m very pleased with Elegoo support. They were able to diagnose the problems quickly after I sent photos of the issues. They are sending me two replacement parts for free. This is for a 3D printer that I ordered in late June 2021.

Clean LCD
Two Hotspots
One Big Hotspot

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