Shapeways Shop problems

I had some Shapeways shop problems after I modified the items for my cab kits.

Shapeways allows you to sell 3D printed items you’ve designed in your shop. Shapeways will handle the order, print the item and ship it to the customer who ordered it. Usually it makes it easy for designers to sell 3D printed items in their shop.

Today when I added a link to point to a blog post on this site to the S2 low profile cab kit product the product was marked NOT PRINTABLE and was changed to “not for sale”.  I was able to add the link to the S1 low profile cab kit successfully, but not to the S2 low profile cab kit

What kind of bug could causes this?  I sent an email to Shapeways customer service explaining the Shapeways shop problems. Being Saturday, I don’t expect to get a response until Monday.

Shapeways Shop Problem Solved

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